"a working man's hands are his own."


Singer-songwriter Jonathan Seldat, Minnesota-born and now residing in Minneapolis, with a voice that has been carrying stories across the country for over a decade. Jonathan's passion and his overwhelming need to constantly create new sound is often exalted by the likes of Dylan and Vedder. With his notable deep vocal range, one can easily find themselves captivated by his musical craft that has slowly taken shape over the past 15 years. He has worked with the likes of the Ojai Brothers, to opening for Max Collins of Eve 6 at Hotel Cafe in LA. As a solo artist, he has recently recorded his new EP Dawn to Dusk Vol. 1 after meeting with local war veterans and turning their stories into songs. He also had the privilege recording his EP Fear No One at Old Blackberry Way Studios in Dinkytown. Each song has its' very own character and musical direction, giving us a taste of the artists creative diversity.